Sunday, 4 March 2012

Reality Bytes Back

Reality Bytes Back is an online gossip show, generally focusing on the issues raised by popular TV shows and popular culture. The show does not seem to be too professional as both presenters seem to be more interested in 'bitching' about famous people than actually presenting relevant information.

During this episode,they show a clip of Real Housewife, why is a reality TV show based on 'well off' wives surrounding Orange County region in America. In this particular clip three of the housewives are dining for lunch, and they discuss each other's marriages, however one of

them is a lesbian. This women seems confident enough to not only express her relationship to her friends but also on national television,
her confidence in telling, suggests that American seems to be fine with this type of sexuality. Even the show hosts are for gay marriage, saying it's their own choice, however one of the housewives disagrees with lesbian sexuality, describing it as 'not a real marriage'. She then further discriminates against it using her strong religious theory believing that god did not intend for this too happen. Therefore the religious culture or more so Christianity within America is presented as anti-gay, although this is from one women's perspective.

Reality Bytes Back hosts then suggest that the only reason why this anti-gay women is on the 'Housewives' is because she can produce controversy and disproves of gay situations, therefore by believing it would cause controversy it must be unusual behavior, which seems quite true as the show hosts disagree with the anti-gay slurs and perception.

As Reality Bytes Back is a celebrity based news feed, it suggests that the show will try to entice the audience with the most outrageous actions or issues of present time. However this show does not seem to be a reliable source of information as I believe the hosts are generally 'bitching' about a celebrity and the anti-gay slur give them another reason to offend her. Also the actual reality show explores the lives of very privileged women and does not represent the common class and will therefore describe issues that are not relevant to the majority of Americans.

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